Sunday, January 30, 2005

Just me, George Clooney and a cancelled date

So last night, the Lovely Chap texted me to say that he can't come round. This is the second time he's bailed out of a date at the last minute. How many dates does he cancel before I read between the lines? Answers on a postcard. So I stayed in and watch 'One Fine Day' on Channel 4 instead. The irony was not lost on me. Single mother with one child staying in (alone) on a Saturday night because her date has been cancelled - and watches a film about a single mother with one child who...meets George Clooney?!? Life is fucking cruel sometimes.

Scrappino was in 7th heaven mind you. His friend D slept over last night. The two of them bundled into Scrappino's bedroom and ate too much and chatted til too late and had a terrific time.

Off to meet SL - another single-mother friend of mine. Sometimes, I feel like I'm a character in 'About a boy'. God, I hope I'm not the mad one who tries to top herself. Anyway, you never know. After that film last night, I'm thinking maybe one day I might just meet a bloke who looks like George Clooney and live happily ever after? Though, knowing my luck, he'll probably cancel...


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