Friday, January 28, 2005

New day - new blog

Day 2 and I'm still blogging. Kind of. My mind isn't really on the job. For a few reasons.
1. I have my work appraisal today. It's a toss up whether it'll be a back-slapping "well done" and a head-butting "buck your ideas up". I'll let you know.
2. I have a date on Saturday night and I'm already stressing about what to wear and whether I have time to dye my hair between then and now. Blonde roots are starting to show in the dark red. And if I'm not mistaken, there's a little grey too. (How the hell did that get there). You don't need to be a Freudian specialist to know that the roots fixation is a diversion tactic. I like this chap. I hope it works out. (It will probably end in shambolic fiasco - but you never know)
3. My little boy, let's call him Scrappino, is going ice-skating today. For the first time. And I won't be there to see it. One of those can't-have-it-all, single-working-mother moments. I've given strict instructions to his friends parents to take lots of photos. Parenting, live via satellite.


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