Friday, January 28, 2005

Operation Dazzle Lovely Chap

Less than 24 hours til my second date with the Lovely Chap. Decided not to dye my hair. I'm terrified that one day it will all fall out and I'll end up bald so I'm weaning myself off the Clairol. So Lovely Chap will just have to ignore the roots. I'm still worried that the place is a tip. I've earmarked four hours tomorrow afternoon to tidy up the flat (I'm going to tidy the bedroom too. Think positive, I reckon). Four hours should be plenty.

Dinner this evening at K's mum's house. K was there so Scrappino was happy. My little boy is in love. With K. She's 10 years old and she's stolen his heart. Honestly. Scrappino is absolutely smitten. He's also absolutely toothless. His two front teeth fell out this week and have left a gaping hole. They've also left him lithping. So he now has a wide gummy smile and a soft lithpy voice. If that won't win K over, nothing will.

Off to bed now. Only10.20 but I need my beauty sleep. Operation Dazzle Lovely Chap begins tomorrow.


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