Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Angels and I-pods

Does this ever happen to you? You read a word for the first time and look it up because you don't know what it means. Then, in the next week, you come across the same word five times? Or somebody tells you about a place you've never heard of or a film you've never seen. And then for the next month you see references to that place or film everywhere you go? It happens to me all the time.

Apparantly there is a Kabbalistic idea that the angels sprinkle a new idea into your head which, until then, you were completely blind to. It's not that the word or place or film wasn't there. It's just that you didn't see it. I don't know if this really is a Kabbalistic idea or not. We'd have to ask Madge. Personally, I'm not really a fan of Kabbala. To be honest, I think it's all Kabbollox. And I'm not sure what it actually means to say "the angels sprinkle an idea." I live by the maxim that if you can't see it or draw it it probably doesn't exist. And since you can't draw an idea being sprinkled I'm going to remain sceptical.

For all that, I do find myself constantly seeing things for the first time and then subsequently being bombarded with the same image over and over. Today, it's been ipods. I bought one this week - I think I told you. And this morning, on the tube, I saw hundreds of people wearing those white tell-tale ipod earphones. I counted 19 on the platform, 7 in the carriage and 4 as I was walking from the station to the office. A total of 30 altogether. The day before I bought my ipod, I don't recall seeing any at all.

So I'm going to count how many ipods I see on the way home today. Let's call it 'pod watch'. If anyone beats my record of 30, let me know.


Blogger bangedmyhead said...

how many ipods did you see sporting a red string?

7:58 pm  
Blogger R.x said...

you're so right! maybe they should change the white earphones for red ones...
on a separate kabbollox note - the lady who sells the coffee and newspapers at my train station told me she's thinking of selling blue wrist strings for £40. She's going to call it Kabblue-ah

9:43 am  

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