Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Half term super-heroes

I had the day off work today. It is Scrappino's half term holiday. Remember when you were statutorily forced by the state to have a holiday every 6 weeks? And to have over a month's holiday in the summer? Happy days….

So, it's half term and I am frantically searching for 'stuff' to do with Scrappino. When we were kids, we just, sort of, played. We'd wake up on half term morning, 'play' til lunchtime, then 'play' til tea time, then 'play' til bedtime. Except on the last day of the holiday when we would suddenly remember at 5.30 p.m. that we hadn't done our holiday homework. And mum would have to calm us down and sit for hours while we fidgeted and she cut out pictures of mountains or whatever for our half-term project. But mainly, we just played. Mum didn't arrange a series of activities for us. Her only holiday plan was telling us to 'Go outside'.

It's not like that any more. Kids don't just play. They have to have activities. Everything has to be arranged. There has to be a trip to soft-play followed by the park. Or a visit to the museum followed by a film. Of course, they do occasionally just play with their friends - but even that is called a 'playdate'. It's true. Our children are 'dating'. A terrifying thought.

I've made a short holiday itinerary and we are working our way through it. This morning Scrappino and I went to see The Incredibles. It's the latest computer animated feature film and tells the story of a super-hero dad and his super-hero family who have to live a normal life because super-heroism has been outlawed. A clever idea - and the animation was terrific.

Sitting next to me watching the film was an obviously-divorced Dad (you can always spot them) with his 7-ish year old boy. I had to smile at the thought of him watching a film about a father trying to prove how much he loves his kids by dressing up in superhero-outfit, scaling tall buildings and complaining about his wife's views on parenting. I bet they have sponsored screenings at Fathers4Justice HQ. Maybe he thought it was a documentary?


Blogger bangedmyhead said...

what! no "7 a day". enjoy the half term week.

7:13 am  
Blogger R.x said...

I had comPLETEly forgotten about 7 a day. How funny! Amazing how the brain blocks out unpleasant memories.

9:41 am  

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