Friday, February 11, 2005

It's gonna cost us...

So Charles and Camilla are getting married. MazalTov! But the wedding is in over two months time and I'm already sick of hearing about it. You just can't get away from it this morning. It was first news item on the Today programme, the only news item on GMTV. It was blazoned across every single newspaper on the newstand - even (especially?) the Times.

I buy the Times every day from Annie in my local station kiosk (hello Annie). She always offers a few free words of wisdom with the paper. Today's words were 'disgrace', 'tax-payers money' and 'self-indulgent emotional cripple'. She is convinced that we will end up having to pay for the wedding. And I don't ever dare argue with Annie.

I had to turn to page 15 (15?!) of the Times before I reached the other news items of the day. Ordinarily, of course, I don't actually read any of the news items in the Times. I occasionally read part of T2, but never the main newspaper itself. Why? Two words - Su Doku. It's a ridiculously addictive number puzzle that is published every day in the Times. It really is the only reason for buying the paper. It is also very addictive. Ignore what you've heard or seen about Pete Doherty's heroin habit. That's nothing compared to my Su Doku habit.

The puzzle is published in increasing degrees of difficulty as the week progresses: easy on monday, mild on wednesday, fiendish on friday etc. I have mastered easy-mild-medium-difficult. So that's Monday through Thursday sorted. But Friday is fiendish and it's beyond me. I've tried a couple of times, but it's just too frustrating. And commuting into London from the sticks every day is aggravating enough without torturing myself with impossible number puzzles.

So, being Friday, I read the paper. Well, I didn't really read it. I sort of loudly and visibly turned the pages and tutted in obvious disgust. How can you possibly write 14 pages of newsprint on Charles and Camilla?? And it's not just the papers who have gone mad. Sitting at my desk this morning, I have had to avoid the BBC website because guess what? That's also gone into forelock tugging overdrive. So I trawl through my 'on line favourites' and end up at Amazon. Where else? Sometimes I think I should arrange for my wages to be paid straight to Amazon via direct debit. After 25 minutes browsing, I am now £35.48 poorer. Looks like Annie is right. This wedding has already cost me...


Blogger bangedmyhead said...

i see that today (monday) its still on the front page of most of the papers!
happy reading...

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