Monday, February 28, 2005


A weekend of ups and downs. Or, more accurately, highs and lows. The highs largely centred around the visit of a Reconstructionist Rabbi at my shul. I know what you’re thinking. How can there possibly be a branch of Judaism with the word ‘construction’ in the title? Jews are hardly construction experts. The only time you ever hear Jews talking about construction, with any expertise, is when discussing the ins and outs of knocking down a dividing wall to turn two sitting rooms into one through room. This is how you can tell a Jewish house from its non-Jewish neighbours. Non-Jewish houses all have two rooms. A front room (for watching TV) and a back room (what do they do in the back room?). But Jewish houses all have the dividing wall knocked down to create one long through room. That way, all you have to do is borrow a couple of trestle tables, buy some banqueting roll and hey presto – you’ve got a Simcha suite. Perfect for Sheva Berachot or engagement parties.

The Reconstructionist Rabbi did not explain the meaning of the term Reconstructionist. But she (sic) did set out the basic tenets of the movement’s theology, especially its understanding of God. Reconstructionism does not view God as a supernatural being but as, get this, “The energy that drives man towards Salvation”. Basically, ‘God’ is a process. I don’t have any difficulty with this theologically speaking. In fact, if I’m honest, I don’t actually believe in God at all. I’m a car-crash believer. When things go wrong, I happily scream “Oh God!” like some sort of divine expletive. But otherwise, I’m a fairly Godless person. But it’s a little unsettling to think that, next time I’m hurtling down a mountain in an out of control car, imagining the worst, I’ll have to scream out “Energy that drives man towards Salvation!!”

And the weekend’s lows? P came over to set up her travel blog in anticipation of her trip. She’s going to North America for 3 months, leaving in a few weeks time. And this evening I went out for dinner with L and some others for his farewell party. L is off to South America for 4 months, leaving next week. So it’s going to be a quiet couple of months without them. Although obviously I wish them well. Good luck to them both and God bless. Or should that be ‘Energy that drives man towards Salvation bless”. You see, it just doesn’t have the same ring.


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even though your friends are leaving you, we are all here with you in blog world...

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