Monday, February 28, 2005

Stop press!

I have bought my wedding dress. [Calm down Mum - not THAT wedding dress.] I have found a dress to wear for CJD's wedding in Texas. MS asked me if it had "Looking for a millionaire oil-tycoon husband" written across it. I told him no. But it is figure hugging and strapless - so as good as. You can see a picture of it here (Top left hand corner - Adriana). Now, do you think I should get the matching shoes?


Blogger timecharger said...

Definitely get the shoes (so what if Scrappino doesn't have lunch money for a month?)

with mazal

I would email you but will blog an update instead (jok)

2:58 pm  
Anonymous Baldricka said...

Great dress! Of course you should get the shoes!

12:56 pm  

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