Friday, March 11, 2005

Blogging. Why?

You will have noticed I've not posted since Monday. I have tried to find something witty/moving/obscure to tell you about the past few days. Nothing comes to mind. I think this is the dilemma that faces most bloggers. Trying to dress up a distinctly average existence into something extraordinary. I'm just not that special. And I don't mean that in the PC sense.

When I started this blog (only a couple of months ago so it's still early days) I imagined it would be easy. Just go online, write about what I've been up to, and click 'post'. Simple. The part that I didn't consider was the reader. Almost everyone who visits this blog knows me. (Or thought they did, til they read it.) There have been a couple of random surfers who've popped in by mistake. But on the whole, people read this site because I've sent them the link. And therein lies the dilemma. Everyone I know can read every posting. I can't filter who reads what. I have to avoid anything too personal (about myself and others) and stick to general themes. The lowest common denominator rule. But it isn't easy finding stories that entertain both my friends and my family. And my colleagues too. Let alone those random strangers. So my colleagues are bored witless with tales of Grandpa's birthday - but my sister is reduced to tears. My mother is peeved that I've portrayed her as a parody of Maureen Lipman in a BT advert. But she's delighted that I've been on a date. And my friends are shocked to read that I am, by nature, a nervous insomniac.

I'm not the only blogger to fret over this. Most seem to worry at some point about why they bother. You'd be surprised at how stressful it can be. I sit on the tube most mornings wondering what I've done in the past few days that I can blog about. (After I've completed Su Doku, of course.) And I've checked out other blogs to find advice from fellow bloggers. I keep my eye on a couple of similar(ish) ones on an almost daily basis. I am rapidly developing blog-envy, comparing my site meter (doing very nicely, all things considered) to theirs and checking to see who has more comments. Most of mine are from my sister and a chap who I'm in email contact with almost daily. So really, they needn't leave a comment here at all. They could just call me. Or send me an email. But it's so gratifying to read a posting followed by comments. And to compound the silliness, I reply to them via the comments board too. Well, email is so passé.

So, while I've not been examining the competition and stressing about what to blog about, what have I been up to? The only highlight this week (well, lowlight really) was Wednesday. I was in court. (It went well. Thanks for your support.) The building has 7 floors with at least three courts on each floor, and the clerk on reception calls out the names of the cases over a tannoy and directs people to the correct courtroom. I was sitting in a side room with my lawyer when we heard the clerk announce, "Will all parties in the case of Piles please go to court number four. That's the case of Piles to court four". When you're waiting to go into court, anxiety and nervous tension can make a comment like that seem hilarious.

Meanwhile, tonight I'm making dinner for 11 people. Well, that's not quite true. I am having 11 people over for dinner, but I've roped a couple of guests into bringing side dishes and desserts with them. You have to sing for your supper at my place. One of the guests is a vegetarian (I will bite my tongue and resist the urge to ask "Do you eat fish?"). I think I'll make a quiche. Or maybe buy one.

Now, how's that for cutting edge blogging? Friends, family, colleagues, hear this. Tonight I will be eating quiche for dinner….


Anonymous baldricka said...

Why not just write about whatever you want and if it doesn't interest someone then that's their problem! Keep going, you're doing a great job!!!!

5:52 pm  
Blogger timecharger said...

excellent blog, posso the best yet. proud to get a mention as well

sorry I couldn't make your dinner by the way, but I er wasn't invited

blog envy - lovely lovely

3:08 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't believe you need to read a manual on how to date rich men, just be yourself intelligent & funny, afterall people buy people a book can never uncover those qualities.

This is my first read of your blog and i have to say i've thoroughly enjoyed reading it, i look forward to your next insertion.

2:23 pm  

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