Thursday, March 24, 2005

Just one day to go...and counting

So, the bags are packed and I'm ready to go. 'The dress' has been folded inside four layers of tissue paper and then wrapped inside a dry-cleaning bag. If it creases I shall not be a happy bunny. I have packed two alternative outfits for each meal - just in case I've gauged the weather and/or the dress code incorrectly. And I have made four reminder lists - things to pack in suitcase; things to pack in hand luggage; things to switch off before I leave the house; things to buy at the airport. I should possibly make a note to remember to read, update and action the lists. But that would be bordering on the neurotic.

This morning I did a quick Google search of Texas to see what was news. First I read that there's been a massive explosion at an oil refinery. 14 people killed so far. Investigators have ruled out terrorist involvement.Then I see that the state of Texas is one of three to ban a documentary about volcanoes because the film suggests that there might possibly be some validity in the theory of evolution. (What happened to 'the land of the free'?) So if the pollutors don’t get me, the bible bashers will. Good to know.

Still, it hasn't put me off. I am all set. I take off tomorrow morning and will land, 10 hours later, at George Bush International Airport. I had always thought that the terms 'George Bush' and 'International' were mutually exclusive. But that's what it says on my e-ticket.

If I don't manage to find a PC while I'm in Texas I shall tell you all about my trip when I get back. In the meantime, Happy Purim/Easter [delete as applicable] to one and all.


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