Thursday, March 03, 2005

Letters from (South) America

A message from H today - she's wondering why I've not posted for a couple of days. Either I must be too busy or nothing exciting has happened, she wonders. The truth is, both are correct. I have been ridiculously busy…doing utterly dull things. So I've had no time to write - AND nothing to write about. The worst of all worlds.

All around me, though, people are on the move, so I am vicariously experiencing foreign travel. P's travel blog is up and running. I will follow her course across North America. She starts off on the West coast and will make her way down to the southern states, party in New Orleans, trek round the grand canyon, fly up through Boston and Washington and then return home from NY. It will take her three months. In that time, I will no doubt get the train to Luton a couple of times and maybe a bus to Cricklewood.

Meanwhile, Mum and Dad have been on the move too. They're just back from another cruise. South America - Argentina, Chile etc. We received two postcards. The first had a picture of New Forest ponies. Apparently, Mum was worried that there wouldn't be enough time to buy postcards in Buenos Aries so she took some with her. You try explaining to a 7-year old child why the postcard he's just received from his grandparents, on holiday in Argentina, bears an uncanny resemblance to Dorset. Scrappino is now convinced that Buenos Aries is the home of Creamy Fudge and clotted cream teas. The second postcard had a fabulous picture of the Chilean fjords but was posted in Bournemouth. Mum was worried (why does she go on holiday if it causes this much anxiety?) that the postcards posted in South America would get lost in the international postal system. Their sorting offices are not as well organized as ours. She didn't want the cards to arrive weeks after she returned home. So she brought them back with her and posted them two yards from her flat. I'm seeing her Sunday. She should have just deliverd them by hand. Or better still, she could've told me on the phone what she'd seen and I'd have written them myself. Sorted. (Though not by the Argentinian postal service)


Blogger timecharger said...

lovely. I like the luton/cricklewood reference, and the postcards from your mum bit v much. eminently readable and funny as always.

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