Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Celebrating (three times over)

I went out for a slap-up meal last night. Scrappino and I were enjoying a double celebration. I was toasting my recent promotion at work. (You are now reading the blog of a Managing Editor. How grand does that sound??) I told Scrappino about the promotion and asked him if he knew what that meant. He asked “Is it a bit like an upgrade?” That’s the computer generation for you.

And Scrappino was celebrating his success at the school sports day. He came second in the running race. And, as he explained on the way home, “the boy who won is really tall and has longer legs than me, so it doesn’t count.”

It seems fitting that he should be celebrating his sporting victory the same week that London has won the 2012 Olympics. The government is keen that the Olympic win will inspire young kids to take up sport. If he does become inspired by the Olympic fever it’ll be no thanks to me. Sport has never really been my thing. Personally, I couldn’t even run a bath, let alone a marathon. I’m strictly an armchair participant. Which is just as well. My wonderful colleagues kindly pointed out that I’ll be 40 by the time the Olympics are staged here, so no hope of a medal for me.

But it’s certainly going to be an interesting seven years while the Olympic village is built. I guarantee that, within the next couple of days, the euphoria of the IOC announcement will give way to British cynicism on an Olympian scale. It’ll be the Millennium Dome all over again. The Evening Standard will list every council tax rise in every borough and attribute it to the Games. And you won’t be able to buy a drink in a London pub without someone moaning that “come 2012 it’ll be £4.50 a pint”.

But I’m determined to avoid the cynics and look forward to the Games. Try to see it through Scrappino’s eyes. He’ll be 16 when the Olympics arrive. Who knows, maybe he’ll be winning the running race then too? I wonder if he’ll explain to the TV commentators that he won the silver medal, but the person who won gold has longer legs, so it doesn’t really count?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats on the promo and well done Scrappino-perhaps an Olympian in the making??

9:49 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel like I am reading a Bridget Jones novel! Well done...

2:23 pm  

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