Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Cricket update...

Oh, me of little faith! We did it - we bloody did it. Far from having to placate an inconsolable 8-year old, I found myself having to calm down an uncontrollable one. By the time Scrappino got home from school, victory was pretty much in the bag. But that didn't make the final couple of hours any less exciting. And when confirmation finally came that we'd won the match, the two of us screamed with delight. No, really, we did. If this was an audio-blog I'd prove it to you by talking in my now nearly-hoarse voice.

Already, the tabloid souvenir pull-outs, DVD replays, and commemoration posters are on sale in the shops. My boss arrived at work today with a "We won the Ashes" T-shirt. And Scrappino noticed in the high street window an advert for a playstation cricket game with Freddie Flintoff on the front of the box. I'm not sure playing computerised cricket is going to teach Scrappino to play as well as Flintoff. It's playing the game for real that counts. And, as if to prove the point, this morning on the radio there was an interview with kids from Freddie's old junior school who were being coached in 'little cricket' by the same teacher who'd taught Freddie. That's how to get the kids playing the game. Even Sid Perks knows that (oh, an Archers reference. And it's only taken me eight months...)

I asked Scrappino if he plays cricket at school. The answer, unsurprisingly, is no. Although, he proudly reminded me, the school now has a multicoloured ladder and hoop thing in the hall. Great. That'll be just fine. Who needs dedicated coaching and early skills training in a world class sport when the kids can jump off monkey bars onto a rubber mat??


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