Monday, September 12, 2005


It is impossible to concentrate on work this morning. I am trying not to think about the cricket but it's proving hopeless. I resisted the urge to install the bbc desktop test update thingy in a bid to get my head down and do some work. But my colleague is following the game religiously and keeps jumping up out of his chair whenever the tension gets too much for him. I can keep track of the score by counting the number of times he leaves the office; every time a wicket falls he dashes out for a cigarette. So he's had 5 fag breaks in one morning. So much for sport keeping you healthy.

Meanwhile, I am already worrying about what state Scrappino will be in when he comes home from school and discovers that we are heading for another classic England batting collapse. Yesterday we sat glued to the box. I could hear my mother's voice in my head "It's a beautiful day. What are you doing stuck inside??" But we just couldn't budge. And when Australia were finally bowled out we jumped for joy. Literally. Not an easy thing for a 30-something female to admit to. Mind you, I did have to raise a smile when the crowd at the Oval cheered when the Umpires declared bad light and halted play. Imagine spending 100 quid on a ticket to watch a live match and then cheering when play is suspended. Still, if the sun keeps shining, our wickets keep falling and Warne keeps spinning there's not going to be much to cheer about tonight. Watch this space...I may need some emergency tips for placating an inconsolable 8-year-old...


Blogger Rufus III said...

you blogs better than the BBc and Sky coverage!!

We're about to win!!!

5:58 pm  

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