Monday, January 30, 2006


There’s good news and bad news.

The bad news is that I did not manage to get through to the final round of voting in the Best Humor (sic) Blog category of the JIB blog awards. Although, if this is anything to go by, maybe that’s just as well. (If you’re not into pressing the links, an article in this morning’s Independent [it isn’t – are you?] reveals that men are not attracted to funny women. We frighten them, apparently. Poor lambs.)

However, the good news is that I am through to the final round of voting in the Best New Blog category. (Thanks to Z for pointing this out. I’d not noticed…) So it’s time to get voting. Again. You can vote for me here. Just find the list for Best New Blog and click vote! Oh, and you can re-cast your vote once every three days. I’ve not a hope of winning. But it’s fun to be in the running. And since I’ve no interest in rent-boys and do not have a drink problem, I’m unlikely to find myself canvassing for political votes any time soon.

Thanking you all in advance. And don’t forget to spread the word…


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I must confess that anonymous is myself, Finbar.
I've voted 7 times and this is easy, you just delete your cookies after each time. Gets the precentage rating flying high.

3:40 pm  
Blogger R.x said...

Finbar?? It's not ringing any bells. Is it an anagram? An in-joke? I'm at a loss. But thanks for voting (7 times!?)

4:37 pm  
Blogger Jack's Shack said...

Men aren't attracted to funny women. Thats is news to me.

6:53 pm  
Anonymous Finbar said...

By the sound of things you're in the wrong ball park, at the moment Rx. I'd be tempted to say that you'd never guess in a million years. But very capable of lateral thinking, so I must be careful; when Dectective Rx gets on the case, the deviant in question has to go into hiding, such are the great dectective's formidable forensic skills.

Great Expectations, very dull, yes. Dickens is a bit overated when he departs from linear story telling. And please, all that faffing around in marshes. In my humble opinion, the greatest novel written in the English language is Catch-22.

10:34 pm  
Anonymous Jason Strugnell said...

From the top of Tulse Hill, I've been pondering over the experience Rx at the David Gray concert in Brixton, when she asked for the cloakroom, only to be directed to the loos. Rx was wondering if this was the extent of south London sophistication. Perhaps Rx doesn't go south of the river much? Anyway the whole experience has moved me to verse-

David Gray is slightly depressing,
And Brixton is very distressing,
The two of them combined, make you go out of your mind,
And turns polishing your trophy nightly,
Into a blessing.

I’m having a bit of a problem working out the last lines, consider it work in progress…

3:09 pm  
Blogger R.x said...

Jack - I was also suprised. But it was in The Independent, so it must be true...

Finbar - This is puzzling. I'm assuming the clues are in your comment but I'm struggling to find them. A case for Miss Marple, I think. Would your use of the word 'faffing' be a clue??

Jason - Brilliant piece of poetry there. Although I'm not sure that David Gray is depressing - melancholy maybe, but not depressing. Actually, scratch that. He IS depressing - but I quite like that. Is "polishing your trophy nightly" some kind of filthy metaphor??

5:52 pm  
Anonymous Jason Strugnell said...

Well as you may know Rx, I've won a few awards for my work, so looking after my pride and joy is very important. I practially pulled out a lot of my hair composing those lines.Most evenings I can be found polishing my trophy. I like to think of David Gray as happily melancholy, very northern. It sounds like your trip over to Brixton was fulfilling, though it sounds like you don't venture south of the river much?

11:54 pm  
Blogger MC Aryeh said...

It is a scandal that you did not make it into the final round for best humor blog. I can only surmise it is due to the category not being best humour blog, which you would have won hands down!

Add me to the list of those perplexed by The Independent. In fact, if I may be contrary, I am only attracted to women who ARE funny....

7:47 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I must confess that anonymous is myself, Finbar.
I've voted 7 times and this is easy, you just delete your cookies after each time. Gets the precentage rating flying high."

Finbar-that might not work. The JP rules state:

Ballot Stuffing: The Judges shall be regularly checking poll records and IP addresses, and in cases of multiple voting suspicious votes will be deleted.

12:55 pm  

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