Thursday, March 23, 2006

A few words about shoes

I am about to get a little bit girly. (Male readers might want to look away now.) To be honest, I’m not really a particularly girly girl. I don’t have endless conversations about shoes and make up. I don’t fixate about my weight or drift from fad diet to fad diet. And I was never one to flutter my eyelashes and claim blonde idiocy to get my own way with men. (All of which might explain why you-know-who is the first proper boyfriend I’ve had in years and why I seem to be frequently mistaken for being gay – remember this?)

That said, I am not without my vain moments. And this week I came upon a revelation. I bought a pair of shoes which

a) look great
b) feel comfortable
c) give me a bit of height
d) can be worn with jeans and smart black trousers
and, the best bit
e) make me look thinner

It’s true. They’re MBT trainers. MBT is (not a yeshiva, but) Masai Barefoot Technology. The idea is that the Masai walk upright for miles every day without shoes and without any back pain. The reason? They train themselves to walk on natural terrain in their bare feet. Meanwhile, I walk for roughly an hour a day in shoes of varying degrees of quality and constantly suffer from spine twinges and back pain.

Now, contrary to what I might have implied above re. blonde idiocy, I don’t quite understand the science. It’s something about replicating the feel of unstable, rocky terrain beneath your moving feet. Clearly, I'm not the only one to stumble (no pun intended) across these shoes and not quite understand the science. These shoes (get this) come with a DVD to teach you how to wear them and how to walk in them correctly. Imagine, a free DVD with your shoes to show you how to walk in them. (Needless to say, I haven't watched the DVD. It would be a miracle if I could get near the TV to be honest, since Scrappino recently inherited another 20 odd Dr Who videos...)

But whatever the scientific reasoning, these shoes are incredible. They force you to stand tall and consequently (point e) they make you look thinner because you hold yourself (and all your wibbly bits) in as you walk. They are amazingly comfortable – like walking barefoot, only with support - and they look brilliant.

How amazing is that?

Okay, enough giggly girliness. Back to normal. What do you think of the budget, eh?


Blogger bangedmyhead said...

do they come in gold Jane Eyre style too?

if so, i'd like a pair...

9:10 am  
Blogger R.x said...

okay - they will cheer you up when your bob falls out...

10:05 am  
Blogger Jameel @ The Muqata said...

r.x.; you want a post about shoes? check this one out at StepIma's blog:

7:32 pm  
Blogger Rebecca said...

I need to get those shoes! my feet kill at the end of the day! I teach preschool!

9:45 pm  
Blogger prof said...

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4:51 pm  
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