Tuesday, August 22, 2006


At the insistence of both sets of parents (and despite the inherent embarrassment to us both) YKW and I have placed an announcement in the JC’s Social and Personal page. It’s actually the best page of the newspaper. In fact, if I’m honest, it’s the only page I read. Really, they should print the Social and Personal on the front cover and save me the effort of having to flick through all the articles about cemetery desecrations and WIZO coffee mornings.

I should admit that I don’t buy the JC every Friday. There’s really no point because it is exactly the same every week. Without fail, there will be at least one article about Ken Livingstone, something about resurgent anti-Semitism in Hungary, a recipe with a terrible pun for a headline (“Flan-tastic”) and the usual smattering of provincial synagogue tittle-tattle. You could save yourself a fortune by just folding the paper up on a Saturday night and keeping it in a safe place to read the following week. It’ll be 90% the same as a new copy.

But the Social and Personal page is different. It’s an institution in itself. You can gauge the stage of life you’re at by which column you read. Once you hit your early 20’s you head straight for the Forthcoming Marriages. After a couple of years your eyes veer to the left to check out the Births, and later, hopefully much later, you start reading the Deaths. The best column by far is the Births. Initially you read the Births to see which of your friends have had kids and later, once you start having them yourself, to check out the names. It simply isn’t Friday morning until someone has screamed “Milo Patrick!? What kind of name is that for a Jewish boy??” There is also some fun to be had (albeit in terrible taste) in seeing which death has provoked the most announcements. (The record so far is 22. Which I think is a tad excessive. Nobody is THAT important.) My late grandfather outlived most of his friends (I suppose you would if you live til you’re 90) and he would always comment on the age of the deceased. When I was younger this was understandable. “Chap in the JC today, died at 52. Terrible”. But by the time he hit his late 80’s it was harder to sympathise. “Dear God” he’d say. “Hymie Blimie died. 87 years old. That’s no age!”

Be that as it may, you cannot get married in North-West London without placing an advert in the JC. It’s the rule, apparently. And, since we don’t want to rock the boat at this stage, YKW and I happily agreed. The truth is that YKW’s parents were especially keen. This is because their son is now in his [very] late 30’s and the only time he’s ever been in the JC was when they published a photo of him wearing a bra over his t-shirt for a breast cancer charity event. A very noble thing to do, but not exactly what any Jewish mother intends when she dreams of reading her son’s name in the JC.

Placing the announcement has turned out to be more problematic than I anticipated. You would be staggered by how many emails, phone conversations and dummy texts need to be drafted purely to tell everyone that he and I are engaged. You would think that “YKW and R.X are delighted to announce their engagement” would suffice. But no. A whole morning was spent, sending drafts back and forth before we finally pinned down the exact wording for this grand opus.

The parents favour a traditional wording. Something along the lines of “X and Y together with A and B are thrilled to announce the engagement of their children YKW and R.X”. I am not one to wilfully find fault. But I took exception to the phrase ‘their children’. YKW is nearly 40 (as I may already have mentioned) and, to put it politely if bluntly, I’ve been around the block a bit myself. I’m not sure that either of us can accurately be described as children. So that had to go.

Once all interested parties had agreed on the text I submitted the announcement online and pressed ‘send’. I then panicked. Had I spelled all the surnames right? Did I remember to mention my parents? Did I send it to the Forthcoming Marriages page? I decided I’d better phone up to check. The internet is all well and good, but in the end, you always end up having to speak to a human being.

“JC Personals. [pause] Shirley speaking. [pause] How can I help you?”

Now Shirley is clearly a clever woman, who spends the best part of every day talking to people who are either sleep deprived due to the arrival of a new baby, grief stricken by recent bereavement, or giddily in love. But Shirley doesn’t know when she answers the phone which personal occasion the voice on the end of line has called up to announce. So she speaks...very...slowly...and...clearly until she’s ascertained whether I am calling about a hatch, a match or a dispatch. As soon as I tell her that I’m phoning to announce my engagement her voice rises an octave, she starts jabbering ten to the dozen and refuses to let me get a word in edgeways. In fact, she seems so delighted that for a moment I suspect that she might know me. Or my mother. (Exactly how many people HAS my mother told the good news to??)

“How lovely. That’s wonderful news. Mazal Tov. Let me take down your details”

I tell her that I’ve already submitted the wording of the announcement online, together with my date of birth, credit card details and email address, and that I am merely phoning to check that the submission was received and that it’s all right for printing.

“Let me just bring it up on the screen for you. Did you choose a ring yet?”

“Erm, actually, my fiancé chose it. He gave it to me when he proposed.”

“Did he really?? How wonderful. How did he propose? Was it romantic?”

I decide not to tell Shirley the entire Boggle story. I just reply “Yes, it was very romantic”.

“Okay, here we are.” Shirley then mumbles the announcement under her breath. “That all seems fine dear. Only you haven’t mentioned any grandparents. Most people mention their grandparents.”

“Yes, well, er, the thing is we both left it rather late and neither of us have any grandparents left.”

There is a slight pause which I only realised afterwards was the time it took Shirley to scroll up the screen to find my date of birth.

“Yes, I see. Well, never mind. I’m sure they are with you in spirit.”

“Thank you. I’m sure they are too”

“And your mother must be very relieved. Better late than never.”

“Erm, yes, she is”

“Okay, well the announcement is absolutely fine. You did the right thing to call though because you don’t want any mistakes. After all, you only get engaged once”

“Actually Shirley….Oh, never mind….”

Thursday, August 17, 2006

still quite excited...

Being engaged is a full time job. The phone has not stopped ringing since we announced our news. I think shares in vodafone and orange must have trebled in the last 24 hours on the back of the texts that have been flooding in from the four corners of the globe. YKW is still on cloud nine - unable to sleep, grinning like a chesire cat and looking like he's about to burst into tears at any moment (but in a good way). He's so excited that he wonders why he's never gotten engaged before. I reminded him that I have. Well, you've gotta laugh.

Reaction to the news has been very enlightening. My Dad cried. So did YKW's. And within a nanosecond of hearing the news, both sets of parents had phoned each other and arranged to meet for lunch. Without us.

So far, the funniest response has been from my mother. I told her the entire Boggle proposal story (see yesterday's post), making a special effort to highlight the romance of the moment. Her response? "Oh, we've played Boggle with Harvey and Sue".

Scrappino has known about the news for some time so he wasn't particularly surprised. In fact, I think he's probably wondering what all the fuss is about. But when I told him we were officially announcing our engagement he looked me straight in the eye and said "Mum. I am NOT being a page boy". So any plans I had to dress him up in a purple satin shirt and velvet trousers have now been dashed.

Meanwhile, all of our friends (mine and YKW's) have been thrilled. The standard reaction seems to be a shrill shriek, then a loud "Oh My God!!!" and then a sort of yelp. But despite the screaming and oh-my-godding, all are violently insistent that they knew all along and are not at all surprised. In fact, there seems to be a bit of competition between our oldest friends as to who knew first, who guessed it would be this week and what the tell tale signs were. Which, considering I was totally flabbergasted and not expecting it at all makes me wonder how they knew when I didn't.

The great thing about planning a wedding at YKW's age and at my 'stage in life' (that seems to be the polite way of saying divorced single mum) is that we have the authority to do things our way. So we are hopeful that the wedding will be exactly how we want it to be, and we can plan it with little hassle (or, as they put it, advice) from out parents. "We just want you to be happy" they tell us. "Whatever you want is absolutely fine by us". "We'll go along with whatever you decide".

First job is deciding whether or not to put an announcement in the JC. The parents say yes. We say, why bother? They say, because we've waited this long and we'd almost given up hope and he's nearly 40 and she's been single for years and couldn't you just let us enjoy the moment and do this one thing for us and........

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Well now, here it is. The post that I never thought I’d write. To be honest, this is the post that nobody thought I’d write. But, we of little faith have been proved wrong. Guess what?

I’m engaged!!

I know, I know. I sound girly and 16 and pathetic and I can almost hear Germaine Greer tutting as I type and relegating my name to the list of feminist has-beens. But, be that as it may, the fact remains, I am engaged.

Oh, in case you were wondering, I’m engaged to YKW.

We’ve been talking about marriage for a while and now that we’ve been seeing each other for 6 months we both felt it was the right thing to do. Let’s face it, I’ve run out of sad-single-female gags. And being a single mother is so last century. And for his part, YKW is nearly 40 and is starting to find that the female Jewish population of NW London is divided into two groups. The ones he’s already tried (largely unsuccessfully) to pull and the ones who are convinced he’s gay. (I suspect there may be a smaller subset of girls who fall into both categories, but we’ll gloss over that for now).

So, on Monday night, 6 months to the day after our first date, YKW proposed. (I know you want the details, so here they are.) As a bit of background, I should say that YKW and I have an in-joke about the game Boggle. (In case you’re not sure, it’s a staggeringly dull word game that uses a 4x4 grid and a set of cubes with different letters on each side. The idea of the game is to randomly shake the cubes and then try to make as many words as possible out of the letters displayed).

Now, the joke between us is that, whenever we find ourselves doing anything remotely dull or boring, I try to see the positive side by saying ‘at least we’re not playing Boggle’. I can’t think of anything I’d rather NOT do than play Boggle. The day my life is so sorted and so complete that it will be enhanced by making random anagrams out of a set of letter cubes I will be a very lucky girl indeed.

So, back to Monday. YKW came home from playing football (wherein lies a whole other post!) and tells me he’s got a present for me. To celebrate our 6-month anniversary. (Cue Germaine throwing up again.) And he hands me a shockingly wrapped present.

“Oooh, what is it?” I ask.

“It’s a present.”

“Can I shake it to see what it is?”

“NO!! Don’t shake it. Open it very carefully”

So I opened it and inside was…a set of Boggle. Not exactly what I’d been expecting.

“Open it” says YKW. “Just don’t shake it”

So I opened the lid and inside he’d spelled out WILL U MARRY ME in boggle letters and placed the ring (yes, he bought a ring too) in one of the squares.

I was a bit confused at first. Mainly because Boggle, as I’ve already explained, uses a four by four grid. So YKW had actually written
which looked like WILL U MARR ME (Although I suppose the other alternative would have been WILL U MARY ME which is not much better.)

Obviously I said yes. Actually, I thought I’d be a bit cheeky and so I spelled out YES with Boggle letters. I couldn’t resist being a bit clever-clever. But I was totally bowled over.

It was only later on that evening that I realised how much trouble YKW had gone to. He was working in Barking on Monday where they don’t exactly have a glut of Boggle sets. He tried ASDA, Woolworths, WHSmith and the pound shop to try to find a Boggle set. But nobody had one. Let’s face it, Barking is not exactly the anagram word-playing capital of the world. Not a great call for Boggle in Barking. Luckily, the chap at Hamleys was most helpful. In Knightsbridge they have lots of Boggle. They have the deluxe version, the standard version and the family version. (I later assured YKW that there was no need for a family version. Just yet.) So he hurtled half way across London to pick it up.

His trouble didn’t end there. He spelled out WILL U MARR Y ME in his office and discarded the unused cubes. But by the time he got home the cubes had all rattled out of place. He then spent the best part of an hour trying to find the exact (and possibly single) permutation of cubes to spell out WILL U MARR Y ME. By the end of the exercise, he was as anti-Boggle as I am. So there’s no fear that we’ll start playing the bloody thing. (But just to make sure, I glued down the letters so that they permanently spell out WILL U MARR Y ME. Part romantic souvenir. Part insurance against after dinner word games.)